Boat Transportation

Boat Transport with SRD. When you need to move your boat for whatever reason, SRD is there to help.

We represent the industry’s top transport companies, and we will get you the best rates for boat shipping.


It does not matter if you own the boat, are a manufacturer or a dealership. We can get the boat transported from Point A to Point B, no matter where both points are located. Our boat transport companies handle boat shipping in the lower 48 states.


How much does it cost to ship a boat? No single answer exists to that question because too many variables exist.

For instance, factors that affect the shipping cost are:

  • Size. Transport trucks can haul several small boats at once or one or two large boats. When several boats are shipped at once, the cost per boat goes down. If you are looking for a boat hauling near me, then trucks are the best option. Semi-trucks can go just about everywhere a passenger vehicle can go.
  • Weight. This is related to size. Transport trucks are limited in how much they can haul at one time. Shipping by rail does not have the same weight limits, but rail access is limited.
  • Location. Location matters because boat hauling near me is cheaper than hiring company hours or several states away. The nearby company travels less to get to you. SRD has boat hauling companies around the nation, and one is certainly a boat transport near me.


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