Response: If the truck is cancelled within 24 hours there will be no charge. If the truck is already dispatched to your location, there will be a $150 truck not used charge.

Response: The driver will allow for 2 hours of loading and unloading if there is a delay of more than 2 hours there will be an accessorial charge of $50 per hour after the 2 hours included.

Response: Every item must be road worthy if it is towed. This means brake lights must work, tires must be in good condition, and brakes must function. If these things are not working, then you must notify us of this so we can assure the proper truck with trailer is dispatched to the location.

Response: Yes, there will be a contract to hold us and you accountable to terms agreed upon

Response: We use a tracking software named DAT OnTime we will be able to provide you up to date status on your load

Response: We cover all items being transported just let us know the value of your cargo.